Services Offered:

Feng Shui Workshops/Classes:

$25 per person (2 hours class - 5 person minimum)
$40 per person (4 hours class - 5 person minimum)
  • Vision Boards/Dream Boards - Learn how to create a Dream Board using Feng Shui principles to enhance the energy in the specific area's you want to manifest into your life, and how it ties with the Laws of Attraction
  • Feng Shui Basics 101 - What is it? How can it benefit me, and how to apply it in your own life and environment.
  • Selling or Leasing Your Home or Office Faster- Learn about the "Little Things" that mean A Lot- and what may be turning potential buyers away, as well as what you can do yourself, that won't cost you a lot of money or time.
  • These workshops teach you how to apply the principles of Feng Shui to any environment, how it enhances your everyday living and creates harmony in your environment.
  • Learn some landscaping ideas for selling your home, or enhance it for spring/summer entertaining.
  • Learn how your environment can either be holding you back, or helping you move forward in the areas of relationships (romantic and business), career, wealth, and health.
  • Learn what your Art work and photos in your environment might be telling you
  • Learn, the benefits, and value to the Landscapes and  “Curb Appeal” of your home.
  • Bring in positive energy flow and “clear your space” of negative energy.  After many months of being indoors more from the winter, energy becomes stagnant and blocked.  Learn what you can do to clear stagnant energy and negative energy frim your space. 
  • Learn some simple enhances to create dramatic and positive changes to occur in your life.  
  • Have your home tested for harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies.  
  • Learn about balancing the Elements and the Yin and Yang of your space.
  • Learn your personal best direction for sleep, work, prosperity, abundance, good health, wealth,  and overall well being.
  • Learn about the effects of Color in your environment, where it is best to use certain colors, and their meanings and effects they have on you.

Home and Office (Indoor and Outdoor) Consultations:

Staging/decorating tips and ideas for the interior of your home as well as exterior landscapes.  Help you transform your living environment to enhance and bring in positive experiences, better relationships, more wealth and abundance, and more business.  Color ideas and other selling tips to enhance your living spaces available.  Electromagnet Frequency testing is also available.  
$75/Hr  - 
1/2  Hour Free Consultations

Staging and decorating:

  • For selling your home, leasing or renting a space, faster.  Often there are subtle things going on in our environment that are simple to fix, rearrange and inexpensive to do that will make huge differences to the look, feel and flow of the space that will make or break a sale.  After some minor changes you may even decide you don't need to move, due to the simple changes that make you enjoy your own space more.  
  • Enhance your living environment for a quicker sale.    
  • $75/Hr
  • 1/2 Hour Free Consultation to help you find ways to sell faster.  


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